Tips when purchasing a new vehicle

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When you want to buy a new car, there are a few things to consider. It is not just a matter of deciding what your favorite car manufacturer is and the model you fancy, then impulsively rushing to the dealership to pick your color.  It is best to take a bit of time and carefully research your options to make sure that you select the best vehicle for unique situation and needs. Although it might seem that all vehicle are alike, there are a variety of smaller details to investigate. 

As the saying goes, it is also best to compare apples with apples. For instance, you can’t pick a sedan from one manufacturer and compare it with a hatchback from another manufacturer. Other criteria to keep in mind are petrol or diesel models. The basic difference between these two, petrol models have lower fuel consumption per liter but are cheaper to maintain; a diesel model will give you better fuel consumption and help with monthly saving but the service expenses will be higher. These are the little details to keep in mind before you decide which car is the ideal one for you.

1. Determine how much you want to spend

This will be the biggest factor to keep in mind and once you have an idea of your budget, you will be able to compare similarly priced vehicles of different manufacturers. Your choice of car within your budget will also be affected by your needs. If you have two children, a fancy two-seater sports model will not be suitable.

2. Budget the total monthly maintenance costs 

Keep in mind that you will be committing to a monthly down-payment amount, as well as regular services to maintain the vehicle. Together with this, also remember monthly fuel cost. Some vehicles have more economic fuel consumption.

3. Secure financing before you going to the dealer

Some dealerships have the option of offering you financing, but their repayment rates might not be in your best interest. Make sure that you research a few different kinds of financing options to be informed about the current repayment rates.

4. Browse around for special discount deals

Many dealerships have promotions at certain times of the year. Once you have selected the vehicle make that you prefer, browse around for dealerships in areas close to where you stay and you might be able to secure a discounted purchase price.

5. Book a test drive

Don’t just select a vehicle on all your paper research; make sure that you book a test drive to experience the vehicle. If you are considering two similar vehicles from two different vehicle manufacturers, the test drive can be the determining factor for your choice.

Lastly, don’t let the sales person bully you into taking unnecessary extras. They will always try to upsell, consider the options that they are offering you carefully, don’t let the excitement of owning a new vehicle cloud your judgment.  This editorial was brought to you by the leaders in automation car warranty insurance – Click4warranty. This car insurance is the leader in warranty car insurance in the UK and abroad. For more information on car insurance you visit them on their URL or email them @

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