How to prepare for the Class 6 English Exam from NCERT Honeysuckle?

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English is the primary subject at the school level. You can see its importance by looking at the number of English periods you have in a day. It decides whether a student will rank in the class or not. Often, while practising English, we tend to focus only on grammar and essay writing. This attitude makes students keep the Literature portions for the future, and they end up doing it right before their exams. To ensure you get good marks in English, you must stay in practice and give equal importance to both Language and Literature. 

What is the Literature syllabus for the Class 6 English Exam?

For Literature, the curriculum follows the NCERT textbooks called Honeysuckle and Pact with the Sun (a supplementary reader). Here, you will need to understand the crux of the poems and the stories and present them concisely and straightforwardly. As Honeysuckle is the primary book, schools tend to give more importance to it. You should focus on completing all the lessons of Honeysuckle thoroughly before jumping on to your supplementary reader. Honeysuckle comprises ten units with two chapters each except units and 10. The chapters are as follows:

UNIT 1: 

  • Who Did Patrick’s Homework?
  • A House, A Home,

UNIT 2: 

  • How the Dog Found Himself a New Master!  
  • The Kite,

 UNIT 3: 

  • Taro’s Reward,
  • The Quarrel,


  •  An Indian – American Woman in Space: Kalpana Chawla,  
  • Beauty,


  •  A Different Kind of School,  
  • Where Do All the Teachers Go?

 UNIT 6:

  •  Who I Am,  
  • The Wonderful Words,

 UNIT 7:

  •  Fair Play,

 UNIT 8: 

  • A Game of Chance, 
  •  Vocation,

 UNIT 9: 

  • Desert Animals, 
  • What if,

 UNIT 10:

 The Banyan Tree.

How to prepare for the Class 6 English Exam from NCERT Honeysuckle? 

1) Cover your Honeysuckle syllabus on time - You must cover the syllabus with your school English class. This procedure will help you stay at par with what your teachers teach and also cover the syllabus smoothly on time. Understand what your teachers are teaching in the class, and then try spending time self-studying. This way, you will also save a lot of time before the exam and can revise that time.

2) Complete all the exercises given in your NCERT Honeysuckle - After completing each lesson, you should solve all the exercises at the end of the chapters. Most of the time, questions come from these exercises. Hence, it is a good practicing tool. If the questions in the exam paper are different from those at the end of the chapters, you will learn the questions that can come for your exam. 

3) Take the help of the internet for Honeysuckle solutions- You can refer to the internet if you struggle with the exercises and feel you need a guide. You will find several free and downloadable ncert book class 6 english honeysuckle solutions present online. You can easily refer to them as these solutions are concise, easy-to-understand notes that can also guide you to write answers. 

4) You can also refer to workbooks - Workbooks are the best way for students to understand and enjoy the chapters all over again. They have subject enrichment activities apart from the usual questions related to the NCERT chapters. These workbooks will help the children retain what they are studying while engaging in practical activities that they can enjoy related to Honeysuckle. You can refer to workbooks like Honeysuckle English NCERT Workbook cum Practice Material for Class 6 or NCERT Practice Workbook English Honeysuckle CLASS 6th by Arihant Publications. 

5) Practice answer writing - While you solve the workbooks and exercises from the NCERT textbook, you will automatically get accustomed to writing answers. Yet, to write better answers, try finding crucial portions from your Honeysuckle and framing questions. After you have read and taken the help of the solutions, try answering all the questions by yourself. Practising answer writing will give you a flair for writing, and this will help you tackle any question that comes for the exam. 

6) Solve some question papers of the past years - The best way to understand the type of questions that will come for the exams and the paper format is to sit and solve some past years’ papers. After solving the question papers, find the answers on the internet from the solutions given by the experts. You can also use the book NCERT & CBSE Question Bank Class 6 English Book by Oswaal Books.  These books provide the question papers of the last few years and the solutions along with them.

7) Revise Thoroughly before your exam - One of the most vital things of any exam is to ensure that you have revised many times before you sit for the exam. Everything you have studied should stay in your tips before you go and give your final examination. To retain every chapter well, you must revise them thoroughly for two to three months before your CBSE Class 6 exam. 

8) Manage your time well - To do well in your exams, you need to get better at time management. The only way you can achieve this is by practising this well in advance before sitting for your final exams. When you practise writing your answers, use a watch to time yourself. This way, you will be able to increase your speed of writing.


These were the tips to go about your main NCERT book, Honeysuckle. Although schools use Pact with the Sun as a supplementary reader, the main focus is first put on Honeysuckle. Remember, Literature can help you balance your scores if your grammar part is weak and needs mending. If you study Honeysuckle well, it will help you balance out the mistakes you make in the Language section of the exam. 

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