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Venue Dash Inc. is glad to announce the launch of its Indiegogo campaign that introduces the business that is here to change the future of large and small business operations while revolutionizing the idea of shopping. Venue Dash Inc. is a mobile application with a similar interface to Uber Eats, but for non-food-related products such as home goods, etc.

The significance of crowdfunding platforms is more important than ever at a time when entrepreneurship has achieved new heights and the startup ecosystem has never been larger.

Crowdfunding is one of the most tangible ways to foster a developing business for both new and experienced entrepreneurs.

While many crowdfunding platforms have gained popularity, none has offered more actual value to entrepreneurs than Indiegogo.

indiegogo's Head of Hardware, Technology, and Design Sales, John Vaskis, tells TechDay how the company has become a fixture in the startup ecosystem, and how it helps emerging entrepreneurs beyond the crowdfunding stage.

How can Indiegogo connect with the startup community to showcase the platform's benefits now that crowdfunding has become a fairly respectable means of raising a seed round for startups?

We enjoy speaking at and attending industry events so that people can learn more about us and get their burning questions addressed in person. Because we know that not everyone will be able to meet us at events, we are also quite active on our blog and social media. We make every effort to provide as many resources as possible to campaigns and backers interested in Indiegogo and crowdfunding in general.

To what extent does Indiegogo aid persons seeking funding for legitimate businesses (as opposed to personal projects)?

We have a fantastic Campaign Strategy team to help businesses with their campaigns, a wealth of tools in our help center, and a Customer Happiness staff that is dedicated to responding to any concerns immediately.

In terms of giving genuine value, how does Indiegogo differ from other crowdfunding platforms?

We care deeply about our campaigns' long-term success, not just whether they achieve their objectives. We provide two alternative funding choices throughout the campaign phase - fixed funding means you keep what you raise only if you accomplish your goal, and flexible funding means you keep what you raise regardless - as well as campaign assistance that is unrivaled in the industry. But what sets us apart is that we also provide tools to assist campaigners in creating and delivering their products. We've teamed up with Arrow Electronics, IBM, and Riverwood Solutions to assist campaigners with design, prototyping, sourcing parts, manufacturing, and gaining engineering assistance. We also collaborate with Brookstone to help campaigns get their products into stores. We intend to continue forming collaborations like these to assist entrepreneurs at every stage of the product development process.

What role do the new equity opportunities have in the overall Indiegogo brand and how do they help to grow the community?

We'd always wanted to offer equity crowdfunding, so we were ecstatic when the necessary legislation was established. Our community of backers is critical to the success of any campaign, and now they can be an even greater part of it.

What types of businesses or products have had the most success on the Indiegogo platform, and what advice would you provide to entrepreneurs hoping to follow in their footsteps?

The most successful campaigns solve a problem in a wholly unique way and tell an engaging tale. Aside from having a fantastic product, it's critical to have a campaign page that attracts customers. Our assistance center has a wealth of information.

Is there anything new or different that we may expect from Indiegogo in the near future?
We're delighted to continue establishing collaborations that will assist our entrepreneurs to succeed beyond financing, as I indicated.

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