5 Types of Coffee To Try

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In the world of coffee, each drink feels like a different letter in an alphabet that's never ending. While a coffee roaster knows each and every brew out there, if you're new to coffee, here are five of the most popular drinks to try. 

1. Espresso

Think of this like a shot minus the alchohol. You don't need a lot of espresso to experience its energy benefits. Beware of the intensity of the flavor, though. Just because it's a small drink doesn't mean it packs a weak favor. In fact, it's one of the strongest types of coffee out there, so ease into this type of coffee. 

2. Americano

If you're looking to indulge in something sweet and sugary, this isn't for you. An Americano is built around espresso shots and enhanced with hot water. It's not as strong as straight espresso but accents the bold flavors in espresso. 

3. Macchiato

This drink also has espresso in it but is calmed down with milk and flavor shot additions like vanilla and caramel. A macchiato is a very customizable beverage that you can create. From different types of milk to varying syrups, it's a drink that's chock full of possibilities. 

4. Cappuccino

If you love milk, a cappuccino may be for you. It's built around espresso shots and layers of steamed and foamed milk. For your sweet side, it's usually topped with cinnamon, too. The coffee taste is still strong in this drink, but it's mellowed out with the dairy additions. 

5. Mocha

This is for anyone who loves sweets and chocolate. A mocha beverage contains espresso, chocolate syrup, milk and whipped cream. Yum! You'll still get an energy boost from the caffeine, but don't opt for this if you're looking to lose weight. It's very high in sugar. 

While new types of coffee seem to come out everyday, there's something special about simple drinks. These five drinks have been a staple in the coffee world and are bound to be around for many years to come. 

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