Instructions on how to write a 6-step structured standard essay

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The topic is usually based on the reading comprehension question in part 1 or it can be an independent question. In general, they all share the same basic step-by-step writing of the discourse: brief introduction, expression analysis influence analysis, and finally, lesson drawing.

  1. Instructions on how to write general essay

Step 1: Brief Problem Analysis: The first step in a social discourse is to lead, introduce and analyze the social problem set out in the essay writing service

Step 2: How to write the dissertation: Analyze the expression and the current situation of social problems

Step 3: Analyze the causes of social problems

When analyzing the causes in the 200-word social discourse paragraphs, it is necessary to try to list both the subjective cause and the objective cause of the social problem. Subjective causes are the causes arising from the intrinsic of the problem, impacted and caused by factors related to the problem. On the contrary, objective causes are external causes of the problem

Step 4: Analyze the impact of social issues

When analyzing the effect of the problem, it is necessary to analyze the following three aspects

For characters in the work (if any): Analyze from the character's situation and situation to draw conclusions

For society: from the analyzed manifestations and realities, students raise the effects of the problem on society. For each person: from social impacts to influences for each person / group of people.

Step 5 in how to write the essay writing service dissertation paragraph: Direction of analysis and in-depth discussion on the issue in the outline of the social essay

First of all, it is necessary to reaffirm students' views on the social issue being discussed: Good or bad, should be respected or should be rejected. Then there are some brief explanations from your own point of view that justify the claim. This affirmative step, in addition to emphasizing your own opinion, also serves as a sentence to change the mind of the paragraph.

When extending the social problem being discussed, one or more of the following ways of writing the discourse can be applied.

One is to expand by explaining and proving the problem

The second is to expand by digging deeper. We can expand the object mentioned, expand the extent to which that social issue affects. Third is to expand by reversing the problem. We can make the opposite hypothesis compared to the current state of the problem, and then conduct an analysis of the benefits and the problem.

Step 6 ways to write essay discussion: Draw lessons for yourself


The last step of the social discussion, we need to bring up the lessons for ourselves and draw the general message for the social problem posed from the beginning.

+ The environment is the common home of all humanity, protecting the environment is not an empty word but is urgently required and should act immediately, because protecting the environment is protecting our lives.

Therefore, let's all join hands to protect the environment and avoid pollution. For the future of a green, clean, beautiful earth, and for our own lives and for generations to come.

+ The issue of designing green trees should be conducted early and have a clear plan from the beginning. It is necessary to research, arrange rationally, scientifically, avoid patchwork, modify too much later as well as avoid hindering other works. If there is a specific plan in advance, the areas will be very favorable and proactive for the design of a green tree system in each area.

The final step in writing a discourse paragraph is to deliver your message:

“Treat nature well, living friendly with the environment, you will enjoy relaxing and comfortable moments in the fresh air, enjoying beautiful views from nature. Protecting the environment is protecting one's own life"

"Every tree planted will be a commitment to a specific action to combat climate change, a hope for a more sustainable and better future"

In order to write a paragraph or essay is not difficult, you just need to follow the writing style of the essay according to the 6 steps above. Finally, in addition to the knowledge in the textbook, students should increase their understanding of life to have social knowledge for the thesis essay.

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