What is a Weighted Blanket and What Are Its Benefits

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A weighted blanket is an old, but still very effective, therapeutic tool to help sleep and minimize stress. At first, weighted blankets were primarily used as therapy tools for people with autism spectrum disorders, chronic fatigue, and other mental health issues. They've since become a staple mass-market item. Whether you're looking for an easy, comfortable way to add some extra warmth during the coldest months of the year or just a plain old stress reliever to help you wind down, here are five good reasons to consider a weighted blanket.

Stress Relief - The biggest reason why a weighted blanket can be so useful in alleviating stress comes from its ability to use two things: the actual weight and pressure. When blankets are filled with plastic pellets or cotton batting, it provides a sort of base support that helps distribute pressure across your body. This works especially well for people with a tendency to sink into the couch or bed, which causes them to become constricted. By providing a little bit of additional weight on top of the regular support, the blanket helps people with these problems relax and relieve their stress.

Calmness And Reducing Anxiety - Another benefit of the weighted blanket comes from the way it relieves anxiety and depression. Several studies have looked at how the pressure and weight of a blanket affect feelings of anxiety and depression in test participants. The results of these studies vary, but most show that participants tend to have less anxiety and moodiness after being fitted with a weighted blanket for 15 minutes per day. In one study, researchers found that test participants who wore a weighted blanket for an hour a day were more relieved than others when they were placed in an MRI scan.

Improved Sleep Quality - Weighted blankets are also helpful when it comes to improving sleep disorders. Several studies have looked at how they affect sleep quality, alertness, and overall sleep patterns. People tend to be more relaxed and comfortable when wearing a weighted blanket, and this helps them go to sleep easier and stay asleep longer. This is one of the key features of weighted blankets.

Touch Therapy - Wearing a weighted blanket can actually help people deal with symptoms of depression. In one study, participants were placed in a room with a device that emitted microwave pulses just under their skin. After a minute or so, they were asked to remove the device and give themselves a massage using the same areas that the pulses had stimulated while listening to background music that had the same calming effects.

These are just a few benefits of the therapy, which has been shown to lessen symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression. While weight loss is not directly associated with these results, it's a good idea to keep your weight in check while you sleep, as losing sleep over concerns about your health could be counterproductive. A weighted blanket may be just what you need to improve your sleep habits and make a good night of it. It's inexpensive and accessible, so it's worth giving a try to get on the right track toward a healthy lifestyle.

Weighted blankets have been around for years. They were originally designed as a therapeutic treatment to aid those suffering from various ailments. Today, there is no debate as to their effectiveness. Below, ll explore the benefits of weighted blankets, what they do, and how they benefit you.

How Do Weighted Blankets Work? The way that weighted blankets work is similar to the mechanics of other weight-bearing blankets similar to using two types of mattress tops. Basically, a hollow tube fills the top with a filler material and the weight of the blanket is carried down through the hollow tube. Some are filled with metal or poly filled filler, while others like the Layla Weightless Blanket, for instance, feature tempered glass beads.

Why Use Them? If you suffer from any number of ailments ranging from arthritis to fibromyalgia, the next question to ask is why would you use a blanket to soothe yourself? The main benefit to the individual is the support that a weighted blanket provides. The blanket puts excess heat where it is most needed, which is under the arms. This reduces discomfort while providing the necessary support to the affected area. In addition, many individuals who suffer from chronic pain use weighted blankets as a crutch to help them keep warm and prevent pain due to inactivity.

How Are They Used? There are several different ways that individuals use these blankets. Some simply wrap it around themselves while sleeping. Another popular method is by placing a weight over the body and then pressing it down on the stomach, legs, or any other area for the purpose of stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system. Parasympathetic nervous system activity is what triggers the heart rate and causes you to be alert. Once again, the comforting effect of a heavy blanket can be the contributing factor to reducing or eliminating feelings of fatigue or stress.

When Using Them? There are several different positions that people use weighted blankets. Most sleepers find that lying on their side with the blanket draped over their entire body is the most comfortable position. However, if you prefer to sleep in an upright position, be sure to place a pillow between your legs so that you are not forced to lay flat while sleeping. In addition, it will be best to position your weighted blankets such that they do not overpower either side of your body.

How They Help Relieve Stress and Improve Health Conditions? Stress is a leading cause of poor health. In fact, studies have shown that there is an increased risk of heart attack, stroke, and high blood pressure when a person is experiencing a great deal of stress. However, many people who suffer from chronic health conditions are unable to eliminate or reduce the amount of stress they feel on a day-to-day basis. In this case, the use of weighted blankets may be able to help.


A Healthier Lifestyle If you are a person who suffers from chronic health conditions, you know how important it is to make sure that you are giving your body the proper rest it needs. It is important to get enough sleep each night and to exercise regularly. Today's society pushes people to eat unhealthy foods and to stay inactive through a sedentary lifestyle. While it is important to make sure that you are taking care of your body on a daily basis, you also need to take steps to ensure that it remains healthy and stress-free.

It is important to take control of your stress levels and it is possible to do so by using a 30-pound weighted blanket on a consistent basis. It is also important to incorporate aerobic exercises into your daily activities and to spend time in quiet places away from distractions such as the television. It may be difficult to find quiet time on a daily basis but once you are able to do so, it will be worth the effort. There are many other ways that you can find relief from the many symptoms that are part of chronic health conditions.

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