Must-have Resources for Your Sales Team

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The sales era has evolved, and your sellers may no longer have the resources they require. Major changes in the business-to-business (B2B) buying process have revolutionized selling as we know it, and your sales force can no longer rely on great labor, charm, or a large database of personal contacts to thrive.

If you don't provide your sales team with the right resources and a solid sales content strategy now, you may end yourself paying more later when you have to play catch-up. Here are the main resources that you need to provide to your sales team to succeed in this new era of sales.

Resource 1: Key Experts

According to Gartner Group, the number of persons involved in a prospect's purchase process has more than doubled, from an estimated three people five years ago to seven presently.

Many of the newcomers are experts in their fields. The prospect's technical and operationally relevant participants do not want to speak with your salesperson. They wish to talk with a colleague at your firm. If you want to connect with the buying team, your sales team will need the support and presence of your company's best subject matter experts throughout the sales process.

Resource2: Future Insights

In the past, in discussions with prospects, solid information was the currency. Buyers were known to rely on sellers for the knowledge they couldn't gain on their own. The Internet, on the other hand, has taken the lack of availability of data out of the equation.

Is this to say that information is no longer valuable? No, but it does mean that the data your sales team brings to the table must be unique to your prospects. This means that your sales force must help your customers see the future. Your worth is measured by your ability to foresee how market information will affect your customer's business.

The prediction may seem risky, yet you can use your prior experiences to project a path of possibilities. Data is simple; insight, on the other hand, needs experience and is hence a more valuable resource.

Resource 3: Marketing Support

Your clients are seeking sincerity in the way you represent your business and its employees. Prospects may check your company's website, customer reviews, key executive biographies, and employees' personal life with just a few clicks. It's no longer just about what you advertise or push out to the market; it's also about what your leads and clients can see on their own.

Publishing and speaking are two of the most efficient marketing tools for building expertise and knowledge.

Resource 4: Senior Executive Involvement

Buying processes have evolved. Small purchases are handled by purchasing or procurement departments; major purchases require the approval of a senior executive. You must, however, bring your senior executives to the table to get their time and attention. This displays your company's commitment to the connection because actual resources are being invested. It also states that choices can be made in the meeting for the purchasing firm.

Prepare to invest in a new resource — senior executive time – if you want to win a deal.

Recourse 5: Sales Enablement Tool

A solid sales enablement tool like Content Camel might be a game-changer for any company. The right tools assist in the various aspects of the sales process, from producing and updating sales content to tracking lead development and engagement.

The top sales enablement tools tend to improve the performance of your sales force. If you have a good strategy in place, your staff will be well-equipped to provide experiences that win more buyers and convert leads into sales.

Evaluate your business before implementing any sort of technological solution. Finding the key areas where the sales process may be enhanced will help you make the best option possible.


While it is impossible to predict the future with 100% precision, you can examine the current indicators of change to ensure that your sales staff has the resources they need to succeed in this new era of sales. Your salespeople will be better prepared for the new sales environment if you devote more time and effort to understanding the shifting landscape.

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